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Settings are defined in an XML configuration file.

Node: Configuration.Lookup

attribute library: The Guid or display name of the source/lookup library
attribute view: The Guid of the library view or blank
attribute rootfolder: This is to properly lookup files in folders, you need a the internal library name, what you see in the URL
eg: Library URL http://site/web/lib/forms/default.aspx url=http://site/web
attribute checkversions: If true it will use the version web service and download versions to a directory from where the script is being run.
attribute download: this will make the script download files from the lookup site to the Folders path


Node: Configuration.Target

attribute replicatefolders
true, will replicate the folder structure
false, will put all files with no folders
attribute renameduplicate
 true, prepends the folder name to the file name if it's a duplicate
false, if overwrite is true then it will overwrite


Node: Configuration.Folders

 attribute path: Where the files to upload reside, if Lookup download=true files will be downloaded here, not versions.


Node: Configuration.Fields.Field

attribute name: Internal name of sharepoint field
splitwords: ONLY for TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti true, split folder name words, so each word becomes a term false, whole folder name becomes term
attribute exactmatch: ONLY for Taxonomy Fields
true, the folder name and term have to match exactly 
false, the script will search for terms that start with the folder name
attribute offset: ONLY for TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti This number will offset the folder term by x places
eg: C:\My Folder\Structure a\b\ If splitwords=true there will be "My", "Folder", "Structure", "a" and "b" (5 terms)
With offset=1 the script will add "Folder", "Structure", "a" and "b" (4 terms)
With offset=3 the script will add "a" and "b" (2 terms)
attribute depth: ONLY for TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti This will limit the folder term to x recursions... for no limit use a high number
eg: C:\My Folder\Structure a\b\ If splitwords=true there will be "My", "Folder", "Structure", "a" and "b" (5 terms)
With offset=1 and depth=3 the script will add "Folder", "Structure" (2 terms)
attribute createterm: ONLY for Taxonomy Fields
true, will create term in fields associated TermSet or Term
false, won't add terms  
attribute flat: ONLY for TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti
true, will create hierarcical metadata from the folder words
false, will add words to the fields base TermSet or Term
attribute filternumeric: ONLY for Taxonomy Fields
true, will skip any numeric values
false, will add numeric values


Node: Configuration.Fields.Field.Value

attribute type:
Lookup: value Field from web service call.
RegEx: value Expression
FileDate: value LastWriteTime: File Property value LastAccessTime: File Property value CreationTime: File Property 

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